about acp

The ACP stands for Army of Club Penguin. The ACP was formed September 29, 2006, on the Miniclip Forums. We were the biggest army there, and then we moved here. Now we are one of the strongest (If not the strongest) army in Club Penguin. Our main allies are the RPF, Nachos, UMA, IW, and Watex Warriors. Our major accomplishments were winning Club Penguin WWII and WWIII, allying many of the strongest armies, and becoming a very strong army, one of the only superpowers ever to enter Club Penguin.  ACP is led by Saint1119, and in case you have not yet noticed, our color is green. We believe it to be our duty to protect Club Penguin from those who wish to harm it.  Therefore, we need your help to make Club Penguin the best it can be.


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