The guide

Here is a guide for the scavenger hunt.

First, go to the pool and wait for the gray fish to float by the window. Then go to the cove and by the hut click on the tall plant twice. Then, go to the dock and look at the bottom left corner of the water. Click on the turtle shell, then click the turtle. Next, go to the forts. Then find the bush near the super pool sign. Then click the flowers twice. Part two- Go to the ice berg. At the top left corner, you will notice a water spout. Click on it. Then click on the whale. Next, Go to the plaza and right under the binoculars, click the plant twice. Then go to the beach and click the bubbles in the water and then click the jellyfish. Last but not least, go to the forest and click the plant in the tree next to the left waterfall. Then get the background ! Hope you liked it !


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  1. Thanks for the tip on scavenger hunt

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