when saint was out of the army after she retried the nachos wanted to kill all r generals so one day we were at a party because dryvit was the new leader so we started to shout and dance for dryvit but then I see a nacho with a gun in a window it was a falcon 12.7mm sniper rifle with a cheep scope on it meant to kill who every they see so I run over to dryvit who was talking to my great friend tuxy and tackle them then the nacho fires so then I pull out my 9mm bratta and start shooting at the window that he was at. Then I hit him just grazing his arm so I run up to the dance club and open fire hitting him right in the gun that he had in his hand it just blow up in his hand he fall to the ground so I toke him in to are base for some talking so then I pull out my 44manam scaring the livening crap out of him then dryvit comes in  and I went back to the hind out on mammoth and opened fire

with my smg sub machine gun but they where gone so I left o note that tuxy wrote that’s had a threat on it but I didn’t i left a bomb right next to it.



the ninja war


the ninja did not like what what i did and they had a war but dryvit said that they should have war with us so then the leaders had a meeting foxtails was there dryvit and dr nono jr where there mad and felt in shoke with about what the nachos did then me and tuxy came in and said what about r trainees we should let them in on the battle

so they let me be the leader of a small group of r best tylo Mitch me tuxy sonic snow ball pink and more but i said no and let r old leader best leader that made the golden age of cp any way we went to the snow forts and started fighting i pulled out a m1 granded and fired hitting the tank right when he was going to fire tylo pulled out a shotgun and blow off the penguins legs tuxy was scared at first but then seen his friend get shot and he flipped he pulled out the m16 funs out with one in each hand firing killing ten of them then i yell get back in here so i throws a smoke greedaid and he was safe so then a nacho and a ninja formed a bazooka team and boom killing three solders and three injured so i went to the town and got a but he said if he does not get paid he wont do it so i pulled out my clock pointing at him and he said he would call the cops i said i am one

laughing so then i pulled in one of the injured or dead solders he said they were a live. then i went back they said the radio man is died so i called in airsroport then i seen a baby and a ninja holding the baby so i pull out me sniper rifle and shoot him in the hard. then air serport came in killing every ninja.

the uma enemy or allies


the uma seamed pretty scared about this because the gun they used in the failed acacation of dryvit was one of the umas guns

then one day a man in a jeep with a minigun on top started firing at r bunker tylo was asleep and the gun shoot throw killing hafe of us so me Mitch tuxy and sonic was caring tylo who was shot in the leg in to a tank and shot the jeep killing the man. I searched his name and he was in uma spy group so we had proof i got me squad and me and tuxy had a rocket launcher shooting in to there basis hitting them all

the I went up to pinkmifeas picking him up and said that he’s going to jail. then he pulled out a gun a 44 magnum I pulled out my 50 caber pistol firing it at his one figure then toke him to base he said we were going to dye so then he had a bomb then I shoot him killing him on the spot then we had all of r troops at the snow forts of mammoth I had a group at every angal firing at the uma then we ran too the town and then too the base .


the spying



the thing we had to do was spy we needed info about the uma and the nachos so we made a team of spying it was tuxy me Mitch and tylo sonic too so we hacked in too umas computers they had a lot of things like a mission to make a nuclear bomb yes a nuclear bomb to desture breeze ok that’s bad u heard me bad then some on shot me in the back but I had the bullet proof vast on.

the bomb


the bomb was set for breeze it was so I went to breeze to get everyone out of the sever but they said that I was lying then a nacho came and started firing at me, and tuxy was dismantling the bomb then i called in acp hq saying that i need back up just then tuxy called and said the bomb was broken so that it was going to exploded in there hq so just then sonic came with his Uzi shoot the nacho in the back about 70 times then we heard that the nacho where at the pet shop so we want there then and a baby was clawing a nachos face then he shoot the baby so i went in with a a ak-47 shooting him in the head face and eyes. all the baby started crying and cheering. Then i hurd a boom it was the killing a 1-3 of the uma on there home sever. i remember that tuxy was there so i called him he was a live then i when to dryvit he was sitting in a chair then a man came in i know he had a bomb so i shoot him then he fail to the ground dryvit said that i was fired but then i showed him the bomb that the man had so he said good job.

The Mysterious Nacho


then a man came in shooting at us he had a shotgun in his one hand and a m16 in a other hand shooting at us shooting fox then i pulled out my 9mm berate hitting him it did nothing then i pulled out grenade throwing it at him all he did was walk out the door. just then tylo can the nacho shoot him then i came running i pulled out a sniper rifle shooting his jeep aiming at the gas tank then he drove away then tuxy got in a car then i got in a dirt bike i started shooting at him then tuxy had a grenade throwing it in his jeep then he jumped out with his guns the first thing he did was shoot just like in a movie he shoot at us before he hit the ground then he landed on a car driving away hit people one of them was a family so i shoot him but still he just laughed hitting tuxy with his shut gun but just two bbs hit him then he crashed the car tuxy got out with a bazooka shooting him with it but he came out un harmed then shoot me i dropped to the grounded still then i pulled out my 50cal.rifle shooting him he dropped. It did not kill him because the armor he had on did not kill him. So we then he pulled out the gun and fired it at him self. Then i searched him he was in 17 armies he was in swat he was a cop and was in a top secret elite squad of solders he was trained to never tell any thing and the even kill him self if needed. All we know is that he killed 70 of are soldiers. and we know that we need to be like that.


The Plan


we needed trying so i started trying them with practice battles and teaching them also practicing with guns and hard and extremely painful training then we had more practice battle we had them with iw and with ww we killed them in the battles we did great and we where ready to fight and kill for freedom and to save people from evil.

Plan A


we had three plans the first one was to kill any one that’s with the uma and burn down any thing that the uma uses so we all went first thing we did was shoot any uma we seen then we went in two the gift shop and burnt it to the ground then the night club then every thing then uma came we shoot them all they where in a line we had 10 50cal machine gunners shooting them all then the tanks came so we got 5 of are anti take guns shooting them we won the sever was destroyed and uma was scaried then we took all there severs accept one but the citizens of there sever all joined the army they had 800 more people but they where scaried they had no where to hide and we could crush them now.

mammoth deytrided


it was detrued it was burnt to the ground but we didn’t care so we just forgot about it then uma took the sever so we dropped a boom on it

then we dropped gas on there last sever making them run and escape from there sever a lot of them dyed then the nacho let them have a sever so it worked.

Plan B


the plan was to spy on the uma me and tuxy where in charge but the uma was ready went we came tuxy got shot then i shot the guy who did it then so me and tuxy went to the computer room and found out that iw was with them just then boom shooting me in the arm so then i planted the c-4 and i ran tuxy did two boom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! killing them a then we went to the lighthouse then i seen rockroppers ship with the nacho taking it his ship firing at us just then sonic pulls out a sniper rifle shooting the nachos then the nacho pulled out a rocket launcher shooting the light house then we took the ship and we seen that rockhopper was shoot and we needed to save him.

Saving Rockhopper


on the spot we needed a doctor fast so we went and got one so we got in the plane to the base just then a nacho and iw fighter planes came so me and tuxy were in a fight jut then one fail right out of the sky rockhopper shot them down luckily a doctor what on the beach so he saved him so we when back to the ship i asked him if we could use it he said yes so we fixed up the ship i hired 500 works too make the ship in to a huge battle ship but that’s all we had the nachos had 10 battle ships and we have one just one



the sever snow forts was just took by uma iw and nachos and everybody that was not them was forced them to work i was spying there the uma iw and nacho slave drivers where whipping them in the back and head then was pink mafias in his limo i was shocked that cant be him i killed him but he is alive. then i pulled out my sniper rifle aiming at him but then my gun jammed so i dropped it and took out my m16s in too hands holding them gangster style then i seen tuxy and sonic, sonic had a mini gun mounted on the grounded tuxy in a tank tylo had a lot c-4,missels, grenades and anything in exposes that acp had i seen that all the uma solders were over the bridge and so we ran on the other side then dryvit boomer and 100 solders where there.

the second war


we charged sonic started shooting with the mini gun then tuxy came with a tank shooting the uma then we seen the nachos and iw but it was there small branches there they charged the first i seen i shot i killed about 20 of them then tylo had a mortar shooting it hitting the uma killing injuring 40 then dryvit said to fall back so we did he said to leave the tank and the jeeps that then the uma had to climb then boom! it killed all of them then a team came in to try to save them but rockhopper came with his new but sinking the ships then me and tuxy climbed in too a plane we had 200 they had 300 and they had a i huge blimp that is bigger then the huge migrate that’s rockroppers ship it was like ten times bigger then his ship it had seventy minigun and 80 canons but its week in armor.


death of the ninjas


we needed to show that we r strong and that we could crush any army so we had mammoth that the ninja took so first we came in shooting every ninja then we took any people that were a live any that tried to kill us or escape was shoot and if a live put back in the jail the ninjas of mammoth any 20 other severs where taken and put in jail then every dojo was destroyed then all ninja that attack any one was sever 20 or up to death.


the master

i heard from the elder consul that there is a man who is the best shooter and best fighter but he is never seen but i heared he lives in the montains and killes the nachos at night. he only has three people that he picks to be able to leard from him. so me tuxy and sonic went to see him then r picked me tuxy and sonic then i heard a shoot it was him missing me so i ran with my gun hitting the wall bouncing back hitting me then for weeks we trained then the last mission was to have a a gun battle with him so I took a mini gun a pistol and sniper rifle and a AK-47. then tuxy picked the something I did so did sonic then i fired its was heading for his head then his i he caught it them he shoot at me i did them same then i remembered he said that the best shoots cant be that good against three good shooters then we shoot at the same time hitting him then we left. just when we got back every sever was taken but not breeze then we had to get out of all the severs then we got in the plane.



air wars


just then we headed a boom it was a canon it was the nacho air ship this time it was covered in armor so sonic flied up and shot a missal and it. it did nothing so i remembered that the ship had a week spot but it is as so i shot the gun. the week spot is as small as a bullet so its as its all most cant be done so i shoot the pistol hitting it then boom killing the nachos in the blimp then we flew out of the area then fighter planes came so we jumped then the nachos borded the plane then boom killing them all sonic had a bomb in the plane. Then are Para shoots came out.


The last battle


We had a plan that we would go around all the ninjas nachos and uma then r tanks would come in and fire at them then the planes would come in and bomb them when we spied they had a plan to go in a cycle and bomb us with the planes but r plan was to shoot all radio personal so then they came we formed around them they had no escape so there general said call in the planes just then I was in the light house I opened fire shooting the one man calling in the planes then I shoot the second one in the head then the third. I ran with the ak-47 firing hitting the uma solders then the tanks came in shooting them away sonic seen a sniper aiming at me so he throw a grenade kill the nacho sniper then tuxy shoot person person ran he got in his car and drive so I jumped in to my mustang he had a nacho in a car with a gun killing the too solders I had in the back the person got out he pulled out his shotgun he fired at me he missed then I seen his head in a split second from him shooting me I fired hitting him in the head he dropped then I drove back to see that we won then we found out that pinkmiffas was not died so tuxy burnt all the bodies it looked like hell so he would be scared then he said it did nothing



 ProlougeOne day, the ACP noticed the Nachos were  starting to rebell against ACP when Dryvit became the new leader when Saint retired. Some rougue nachos even tried to kill dryv at a meeting.Luckily, the top ACP spy and top soldier in the ACP secret service ,Tuxy9349 saved the Dryvit from a sniper. When the ACP declared war on the nachos, all of CP was havoc. What will the ACP do to save Club Penguin ?

                                                 Chapter 1: Preparing for a battle

On a warm summer day in Club Penguin, the ACP soldiers were getting ready to defend their server from invading nachos. At their hidden base in the forest, the entire base was buzzing with activity. “Ready for a fun battle huh Tuxy ?” said Kt. Tuxy shared a room with Ktman, 3rd in command of ACP, Meat, or PC engine 2nd in command of ACP, Jediseth, and Tylo. Tuxy responded “I’m just as ready as these guys over here.” Said Tuxy as he pointed to Meat, Jedi, and Tylo, still sleeping on their bunks. Tuxy was nervous about this battle. The last battle with the nachos gave him a scar on his chest from a bullet. Some nachos were very agressive. He put on his battle gear while Kt woke up the others. Then an announcement echoed through the halls of the base. Tuxy could tell it was dryvit’s voice speaking. He had a nice powerful voice. “Everyone report to the meeting hall for the pre-battle speech.” As everyone sat down, Dryvit started to speak. “Good evening. Today will be the last day for some of you. I know it will be a tough fight, and the enemy has been trained to fight well. But this is August 2009 ! It has been months since the last nacho conquor of more servers ! We will not let them take Breeze from us ! Now, how many of you are going to give it your all today ?” A cheer of I’s rand out in the crowd. “Thank you ACP.”They all went out to their rooms and talked and played games. Sonic and Larry guy came in for a visit, followed by Dr nono and Fox. Everyone was talking about current events when all of a sudden, they all heard an explosion just outside the base. Everyone jumped up and grabbed their weapons and got ready for a battle that they will remember forever.

                                                      Chapter 2: The Battle of Breeze

They went outside to face fire from a bunch of nachos. They all took cover except for a few soldiers who failed to react fast enough and were unlucky. A bullet whizzed past bluey’s head, and took of a few pieces of hair. Bluey ducked for cover, and started firing. Nachos came in from behind the base,  and set the base on fire. Tuxy, sonic, noka,fox,larry and a group of low ranked soldiers marched through the base looking for survivors. As they walked through the hallway, they heard someone shout in a room ” Help us ! We are still in here !!!! Just then, nachos poured through the base. The acp was forced to take cover. Noka puked as he saw one soldier’s head fly out the door. The nachos started to laugh at him and stopped firing for a moment.  Noka threw a grenade at them which exploded, killing all the nachos. They scrambled to their feet and tried to rescue the soldiers in the room, but the door was stuck. Fox stepped in and said, let me handle this. Then she shot the door open. “Why didn’t anyone think of that before ?” shouted larry. No one answered because they had to save the soldiers-fast. They burst in the room where they found the soldiers half alive. “We’ll get you out of here, it will be ok guys. Don’t worry.” said tuxy, worried for the soldiers. Fox, Larry, and Noka took the soldiers to the ACP hospital and returned to battle while Tuxy and Sonic ran out back to the battle. Tuxy nearly fainted after hearing screams from wounded soldiers, and just soldiers who are scared. “Anybody got an extra clip ?!?!?” shouted some soldier. Tuxy threw an extra machine gun magazine towards the soldier and heard him say “Thanks !!!!” Tuxy had just sniped the last nacho when they were orded by dryvit to move out into the plaza. They did what they were ordered to, and soon after the medics cleared the forest of survivors. Among the wounded was Tylo, who had suffered a gun wound nearly 3/4 of an inch away from his heart. Meanwhile, the low ranked soldiers were ordered to go into the underground while the higer ranked soldiers moved into the snow forts. Awaiting them would be just more than nachos.  Down underground, an explosion was heard. This was the nachos with a tank blowing a bigger path into the mines. The ACP in the underground was led by Dr. Nono, 3rd in command. The ACP took cover behind rocks and fired at the nachos. Some crazy nachos tried to crash mine cars into them. Most of them failed and the nachos inside the carts flipped over and were killed, but some of them Injured ACP soldiers. “Fall back!!” shouted Dr. Nono, realizing he was losing too many soldiers too fast. He only hoped the soldiers above ground were winning. He was dead wrong. The ACP would never see it coming.

                                              Chapter 3: The Battle of Breeze Part 2

Meat, Ennbay,Divotoo,would lead a division through the waters up to the beach, where their division of soldiers would split into two. One half would clear out the ski villagewith ennbay and go back to the dock and meet with the other half, while the other half would clear the dock and move into the town and meet the soldiers on the other side. When Meat saw the beach, he screamed “Nachos at the coast ! Get your guns ready !!!” One soldier fell off the boat and into the water. Jedi tried to save him, but it was too late. He was already gone. When they got on the beach they took cover behind the boats and some big rocks. Many soldiers fell into the water or fall into the sand, so meat shouted to ennbay and his half to go to the ski village now and take out the snipers on top of the mountain. Enn and his squa managed to make it through where they fired at the snipers, waiting for orders to charge up the mountain and eliminate them so meat could march up to the nachos.


                   Meanwhile, Tuxy and the rest of the soldiers there  marched up into the forts, where they were shocked at what they saw. There they saw Ice Warriors, firing at the ACP !!!! Everyone was so shocked, some soldiers forgot to take cover and were sniped down. Dry shouted “What are they doing ?!?! I thought we were allies !!”  Tuxy screamed back “Who knows ! You never know what would happen next !” Then noka said ” Sure Tuxy !! What are we going to do, pray that soldiers will just fall out of the sky ?!?! Almost immediatly after Noka said that, Fire warriors rained out of the sky with parachutes. They took cover with us and fired at the Ice Warriors and nachos. One of the FW leaders, Pringle, said “We heard that you were losing this war. We came to help. The FW had just invented a new weapon, a fire sword. It was a normal sword, but when you pressed a button on the handle, all around the blade ignited, so you can burn and stab your enemy at once. Even though we had recruits, more and more nachos piled in. Soon, we were surronded by Nachos and Ice warriors. Most ACP retreated to the half destroyed base, but something was missing. Meat, Enn, Div, and all the other soldiers with them.

                                                             Chapter 4: Slaves

The answer to where everyone else was is unknown to all ACP and FW. They all packed up their things and went to the FW capitol, Rocky Road. Where they would be staying the next few days. But the ones left behind were flown over to White House, where they worked in the mines to find diamonds and a certain metal called Magneism. Lower ranked nacho soldiers were guards, who roamed the mines and carried bullwhips. If a slave fainted, fell, or didn’t work hard enough, a guard would whip them. The slaves were only fed breakfast and dinner, only the food was rotten, and it was enough food for a baby to finish. They worked hard in the mines for the next week. Breeze was now taken over by the nachos, but no slaves worked there. Nachos stood gurad in Breeze. Agreeing to share the server with the IW, who also worked as guards in White House.


“I don’t know what we will do” said Packer. “The Nachos have invented a new way of transportation, it’s called a Zeppelin, or a giant blimp. It is a great addition to the nachos defenses” said Motor. “Is there anything we have to counter this ?” asked Yanksrule “Look” Dry interrupted “The only thing we can do now is try to find out where everyone else is.”  “But how do we do that ?” snapped fox.  “Simple” said noka. “We send spies aboard a Nacho zeppelin that will be transported to White House, and they can check around there. If they find anything, they can contact us and we will be on our way.” Everyone looked at noka like he had six faces. “What?” noka asked, confused. “Why didn’t you just say that in the first place ?” questioned Tylo, back from the hospital. “I was waiting for my turn.” said noka. “But who’s going to go ?” asked Bfan. “I would like to welcome our top spy, Tuxy9349.” said Dryvit with a welcoming voice. Tuxy walked in and took a seat. “Me and a selected soldier will be going on a mission aboard a zeppelin and spy on a nacho base. I have selected Packer to come on the mission with me.” “Thank you tuxy, I am honored” said Packer. The ACP walked out of the meeting room and Tuxy and Packer bought tickets using regular penguin names instead of ACP id’s Meanwhile in the mines, The nachos were too dumb to check the captured soldiers for weapons, only taking their rifles.

                                           Chapter 5: The Zeppelin

As packer and tuxy were at a nacho base in a nacho server, he recignized Person and nacho soldiers guarding ticket booths. “Psst. Hey Packer, there are nachos everywhere guarding ticket booths ! Look for an un-guarded ticket booth, or else they will recignize us.” Hey I found one Tuxy, right over there. Oh good. They walked over and got in line, and eventually got aboard the ticket booth. ” You know Tuxy, coming with you is nice, but how will we spy on them ?” I don’t know. Tuxy replied, nervous about the mission. He looked out the window, and noticed the Zeppelin hadn’t started it’s engine yet. His mouth dropped at what he saw, down below was Person and a Nacho agent running on to the zeppelin. Person shouted in German “Nicht zumachen ! Wir steigen ein!” Tuxy saw a flight attendant, and followed him into an empty room where he was talking to him about the war against ACP. Then in the room, he knocked him out and stole his nacho flight attendant uniform. Back in the zeppelin, Packer was reading a newspaper while Person was asking passengers if they saw these spies, because person knew that there were spies on board. He watched as he asked passengers ”Haben sie disen Mann geseben ? The passengers shook their heads and said “Nein”. He walked over to Packer and he lowered Packers newspaper with his walking stick and said “Guten Tag, Herr Packer” The nachos spoke German so no one can eavsdrop on them. Tuxy went behind Person and said “Fahrscheine meine Herr” Person said “Weg” Then he said in english, Tickets, please. Person turned around and saw tuxy, who then punched him, and threw him overboard the Zeppelin. Everyone looked at him, and he made an excuse. “No ticket” he said as he pointed out the window, hoping it would work. Then everyone started to panic and they reached and waved their tickets in the air. Person shouted from the ground, “Du wirst nochmal boren von mir !” Tuxy changed into his regular clothes and sat abord the zeppelin with Packer. Do you remember the last time we had a nice talk packer ? asked tuxy. What did we talk about ? asked packer. We never talked. It was a lonely way to go on. For you too, said tuxy. If you had been helpful like the others you would have realized that I could have been your friend too. said tuxy with some annoyance. Accually, I was a wonderful friend. replied packer. When ? asked tuxy. Did I ever tell you to do this do that ? No. I respected you even though you are a lower rank. said Packer, now starting to be annoyed too. Tuxy laughed. “Unbelievable” said tuxy inbetween laughs. Well, I’m here, so what do you want to talk about said Packer, now calming down. Well I, I uh, I… tuxy laughed again. I can’t think of anything. said tuxy. Then what are you complaining about ? Look ! We have work to do ! Said Packer, now laughing. Also aboard the plane was a drunken nacho, a CP WWIII pilot, trying to impress other passengers with his war stories. Tuxy looked up and was now shocked. He said in a low voice, We’re turning around. They’re taking us back to Blizzard. He and packer got up and went to the bottom, where a biplane was attached to the bottom of the zeppelin. They got aboard, and tuxy started the engines. “I didn’t know you could fly a plane !” Packer shouted above the wind. Tuxy shouted back. Fly, yes ! Land, No ! Tuxy flew the plane towards white house, and they both had nacho uniforms on as disguise. Behind them in a second biplane, was the drunken nacho pilot getting ready to start the plane, and a nacho agent in the passenger seat. The nacho was so drunk that he forgot to start the engines before unhooking the plane from the zeppelin. First of all, the nacho agent was too heavy and fell through the  bottom of the plane to his doom, and the nacho forgot to start the engines before unhooking it from the zeppelin, so he fell with the plane.

                                                Chapter 5: Dogfight

Tuxy gave packer a thumbs up, when their smiles faded at the sounds of fighter jets. “Tuxy !!! What are we going to do ?!?!” said packer, scared for his life. Packer noticed a machine gun in the back. He picked it up and began firing. One jet fell out of the sky, but the other one stayed up. “Nice one Packer !” shouted tuxy. “Yeah, but there is something else !” replied a worried packer. “What’s that ?!?!” asked tuxy. “There’s another jet !!!!” screamed packer. Packer aimed with the scope, and shot the pilot right in the head. The plane crashed into the water. Person alerted the nachos, and the whole nacho army was after them. Packer and Tuxy, jumped out of the plane with parachutes. They landed inside of White House, where they went to the coffee shop. They sat down and had a quiet conversation. “Packer, where are we going to go ?” asked tuxy. “I think we should explore the underground first, that’s probably where they have everyone.”  said packer, now sure that that’s where everyone was. Tuxy and packer finished up their drinks, and put on their nacho disguises. They walked into the night club and used the secret entrace to the boiler room. No one is here.” whispered packer. “This has to be the place, open the door to the pool.” Tuxy opened the door to the pool, where they heard screams. Packer and tuxy started to shiver. “Hey I see a crawl space up there, tuxy.” Tuxy and packer crawled up and looked down in the mines. What they saw shocked them. They saw about half the ACP, working as slaves. They saw how the Nachos and IW treated the ACP too. “This is gonna be a looong day”  said tuxy. They thought of a plan that can help. They contacted ACP, and Dryvit ordered them to take their stoled biplane back to breeze. They flew it back, and reported back to FW’s base. They landed it, and were welcomed home by everyone. They told everyone their story, and then told them where the ACP was. Everyone was shocked. They were told that Coolguy had been killed by an Ice Warrior. The Ice Warrior was shot dead though. Everyone was very sad. They went to the base, and put their things back and went to sleep. That night, Tuxy had a dream that he was a slave, and he was set to be executed because he slapped a nacho guard. He woke up screaming at 3 am, and followed by Kt and tylo. Noka, fox, bluey, sonic, packer, and dryv ran in the room, thinking that somone had broke in. “What in the world is going on !?!?!” screamed sonic. Did I wake everyone up ? asked tuxy. Everyone in the room responded at the same time, Yes !!!! Sorry guys, just had a night mare. Accually tuxy, I’m calling a meeting. said dry not bothered being woken up. I want all of you to attend with some other soldiers.

                                               Chapter 6:The Plan

Attending the meeting was Tylo, Tuxy, Fox, Larry guy, Sonic, Capn, Dry, Noka, Kt, Bluey, Packer, and FW leaders Trickster, and Pringle. “We need a plan, guys.” said dry “Yeah but what are we going to do?” asked larry. “We can help you win breeze back, and then take something of theirs.” suggested trickster “Excellent Trickster !” said sonic. “But what are we going to take from them?” asked Tylo. “Well, for starters we can take the other soldiers back !!” screamed capn. “Calm down capn” said bluey. “Listen” interupted dryv, “We can invade White House, free the other ACP, and take the server.” ” But we have to get Breeze back first.” suggested packer. “So it’s settled. We win Breeze, free the slaves, and take White House. Sounds good.” said Pringle. We can call it Operation takeover. said Fox. But just as the meeting ended, Nacho planes flew over the server, and bombs were dropped.

                                              Chapter 7:Defending Rainbow

The ACP marched out of the base and into the sun, trying to stay away from the bombs. NEW PLAN ! screamed dry. DEFEND RAINBOW, THEN GO ON WITH THE OLD PLAN !!!!!!! Tuxy, zdodger, sonic, packer and tylo went out into the halls of the base to get to the jeeps in the back of the base. But nachos marched through the base. There were 5 ACP, and 16 nachos+ 14 IW. An unwinnable fight. The ACP had put off until Packer and tuxy were shot. Packer was shot in the neck, and tuxy got shot in the shoulder blade. All tuxy remembered was feeling a sharp pain, hearing someone scream his name, and blacking out. He woke up in the hospital, where bobcatboy,Bfan, and klug were treating the wounded. Bfan walked up to him and said, your surgery went fine, and you should be ready for battle in 3 days. On his right was packer, and on his left was capn. Hi guys, tuxy said weakly. Nice to see you too, tuxy, capn said weakly. Packer was unconcious. He was in bad shape. A bullet tore through his artery in his neck. The next day, tuxy woke up to an explosion. Then he realized, it was the base that exploded ! he was feeling better, so he ran out and woke up everyone. They had to move the wounded to the secret base underground. “Bfan wake up !!” tuxy shouted. “Huh what ?” Bfan said, unaware of the situation. “The base is under attack !! Move the wounded down underground !!!” tuxy screamed at him. He was carrying a soldier underground when he noticed something. It was Jediseth, laying on a bed, with a huge scar on his face. Tuxy immeditly picked him up too, now carrying two soldiers. Luckily, there was a hatch that went underground right in the medic room. They transported the last soldier down when they heard marching. They dived down into the hatch just before the nachos came into the room. “I want all the soldiers that can still fight to get up here and fight like real men!!!” dry shouted into the hatch. “Uh hemmm” said fox, with mild annoyance. “And girls…..”  said dry, also annoyed. All of the soldiers who were able to fight ran up and moved out into the plaza. There in the plaza, they saw Nachos and Ice warriors charging from the snow forts. There were 3 tanks in the plaza, and the ACP took cover behind the tanks, using them as shields. “This outta be fun, huh tuxy ?” said a familiar voice. It was his old friend, Corymigs2. “Cory ! It’s you !” shouted tuxy. “Yeah, I heard about the fight !” said cory exitedly. “You can hear it all right !” said tuxy.  ‘No time for chit chat tuxy !” said capncook, on top of a tank sniping nachos and ice warriors. Just after there were less than 70 nachos and ice warriors, shots were fired from the side. “There are snipers in the stage !!!!” screamed dryvit. Tuxy tried to shoot the snipers, but they always ducked just in time. “I can’t get them !!” screamed Fox, now behind another tank. Just then, foxtails fell off the tank. All the higer ranked soldiers who knew her well came over to her, follwed by Cory, Tuxy, and Capn. “I won’t make it guys, those snipers are too good.” said fox weakly. “Don’t worry, we can get you out of here safely” said bfan, now fighting instead of being a nurse. Pinkgirl took his position as a medic. There was blood pouring out of fox’s neck, and it looked like she wouldn’t make it. Just after that, capn was shot right in the chest. He heard the sniper say “I just pwned two soldiers and they’re mouaning over them !!!” Tuxy became enraged. He was so mad, that he punched the tank and made a dent in it. Then he screamed at the top of his lungs, “EVERYBODY GET BACK!!!!!!!!” Tuxy realized that he must’ve screamed too loud, because after that, he never heard a singe shot being fired. Everyone did what he said, even dry did, probably worried he would turn into the hulk, and that’s just how tuxy wanted it to be. He then climbed into the empty tank, without a single shot fired. He got in, got to the gunner’s position, aimed at the stage, and fired. The stage blew up into pieces, but part of the bottom was still there. He blew that up too. Then he turned the gun to the Nachos and Ice Warriors still standing in awe at what just happened. He then fired at them, killing each and every one of them. He climbed out of the tank, and everyone looked at him like he had eleven eyes. “Wow tuxy.” said Cory. “I didn’t know you had it in you” said dry, shocked at what just happened. Zdodger, Klug, and Batin took Capn and fox to the medics where they were safely delivered. Tuxy drove a tank while Cory drove the 2nd tank, and Sonic drove the 3rd tank. At the snow forts, there was a group of Nachos and Ice warriors who shot at the tanks and soldiers behind it. The tanks blocked every shot, and Tuxy didn’t care. As he got closer, the group of soldiers didn’t move. This is what tuxy accually wanted, because he wanted to have a little fun now. He ran all of the soldiers over, and then blew up the soldiers in the ice rink. The tanks could be set up there, so they got out and marched to the town. As soon as they approached the town, shots were fired at them. “Everyone listen up !!!!” screamed dryvit, trying to get the soldiers attention. “I want all of the lieutanants and ranks below to stay here and hold off the defenses while everyone else blows up the underground  !!!!!!” all of the higher ranked soldiers moved up into the dance club, where they threw grenades down the secret entrance to the boiler room. As they all moved down there, they saw a horrorful site. Dead bodies of nachos and ice warriors were scattered everywhere. “Wow” said a random soldier. Just then, they heard foot steps above. Tuxy knew it was the nachos because he heard German being spoke. “Alright. Heres what we do.” said dryvit, thinking of a plan. “We place our bombs on the roof of the boiler room, and then storm the pool. Sound like a plan ?” said dry, very suggestive of this plan. “One flaw” said Bfan. “What ?” said everyone at the same time. “They are going to come down here soon. And I mean really soon. Like now.” he said without expression. Quickly, they placed the bombs and ran into the pool. They shut the door, and then they heard the bombs. They ran back in to see what happened. “Oh. My. G-” said sonic, cut off by cory. “Well, we probably owe the FW more than we bargained for. With the stage gone and this?”said cory shocked at what he saw. “We probably owe them about half a billion dollars !” said tylo. What they saw, was worse than they expected. When the bombs went off on the roof, it also caused the dance floor to collapse into the boiler room. “Well no time to moan about money, we have a server to defend. And it’s not even ours !!!” said dry. “I want to go to the mines and sneak in the dojo.”  “So lets go !” As the last two mine carts headed out of the mines, Nachos came running into the mines. In the first cart was Tylo, Zdodger, Packer, and Bfan. In the next was Cory, Dry, Tuxy, and bluey. “Go !!! Go go go go go !!! screamed Dry, telling everyone to hurry up. As they sped though the mines, the nachos were behind them in three carts. They fired their rifles at single shots. “This is crazy !!!!!!!” screamed packer, very scared. Just then, they realized that they had guns too. They fired their guns at the Nachos, and a gun fight/mine cart chase had begun. Tuxy shot one of the wheels on a nacho cart, causing it to flip off the tracks, crushing all the nachos inside of it. One nacho jumped on the cart from out of nowhere and landed on top of tuxy.Cory punched the nacho, causing the nacho to fall on the tracks, and the cnext cart hit him, and that cart flipped over too, but the last cart still was rolling, and it wouldn’t stop.One nacho had their sights on bluey, but a rock fell and hit him in the head, knocking him out cold, causing him to fall on the brake. The brake went on so hard, that the cart flipped over and all the nachos were gone. Just then the ride was over and they moved out. “Well that was fun” said Bfan, panting. “Yeah, but we gotta move !” screamed Sonic. “Hey, what’s that ticking noise ?” asked zdodger. There was no response, because everyone else took off, yelling at him to hurry up and run away. “Hey a big mac !” said zdodger, who was very hungry. “WAIT NOOOO !” screamed packer, knowing what was in the sandwich. When zdodger took a bite, he bit into the grenade, pulling the pin. “MMMM this is good !!!” said zdodger. “You guys missed out on a great burger !” screamed zdodger. Just then the grenade exploded, killing zdodger. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” screamed everyone at the same time. “Let us take a moment of silence, to honor the fallen.” said tuxy, looking down. The moment didn’t last long, because just then the mine exploded causing everyone to look up. Oh no !!! screamed packer. “Come on let’s go !” said dry, motioning with his hand to move.


When fox learned the news about zdodger, she screamed. “NOOOOOOOOOO screamed fox. I always liked him ! Not boomer ! 

Boomer was at his home, sitting watching tv eating chips. “I sense a disturbance in the Fox-Boomer relationship !” said boomer, with a strange look on his face.

Just then fox started to laugh. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ! You think I”d like him, of all people ?!?! “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!” laughed fox. Yeah right.

The boom has still got it ! said boomer, popping a BBQ chip in his mouth.

As everyone made it up the hill, Dryvit got a call on his war phone. It was a special phone that could be used during missions. You could text or talk, or set it so that only you can hear the other person. “All the nachos and IW either retreated or are dead.” said the lead soldier. “Good” said dry with a satisfied look on his face. “Now move up to the dojo” ordered dry. Within 5 minutes, all the soldiers were ready, and they charged with half of the group into the ninja hideout and the other half of the higher ranking soldiers into the dojo. There were nachos and IW in both rooms, but the ninja hideout was the IW spy base. “Charge !!!” screamed dry. “This is not good !” screamed a soldier, realizing there was no place to take cover. For this mission, some ACP soldiers had rocket launchers, and used them. “Die nachos !!” screamed batin, using his Bazooka. The bazooka blew a hole in the wall so that the dojo and ninja hideout were now one room. Then all choas happened. Both rooms were so full, that you were always touching someone. “Charge them again !!” screamed dry. “I need help !!!” screamed a soldier Tuxy didn’t know what army he was in, but he still felt sorry for him. Tuxy ran out the dojo and grabbed a nachos RPG. He pushed the nacho soldier down the mountain, where he screamed. Tuxy took the RPG and aimed at the IW helicotors. he blew them all up, and ran back in the ninja hideout. There, an Ice warrior  tried to stab him, but he missed. Tuxy shot the soldier, who then begged for mercy. Another soldier tried to stab him from behind, but he moved just in time and the soldier accidentally killed the Ice warrior. Tuxy shot the nacho, and moved on. He was now using hand to hand combat. He punched a nacho in the face, now covered in blood. He was pretty sure he broke his nose, but he kept punching. Then he shot the nacho. He turned around where an ice warrior punched him, but tuxy countered and punched the soldier so hard, that his nose was crooked. The soldier fell to his knees were he kicked him again and again until he didn’t move. He then tackled a nacho who tried to stab an ACP soldier. He punched him in the face so hard that he dropped the knife, allowing tuxy to pick it up, and to use it. Just then an ice warrior shot batin with his Thompson. “Batin nooooo !!!!” screamed tuxy. He shot the soldier then rushed over to batin. We can get you out of this batin, said tuxy. “No, no. Not this time. I must leave this planet now, so goodbye. Tell everyone I said goodbye.” Batin just said his last words. Then Batin died. “Nooooooooooooo !!!! screamed tuxy. Just then all the firing stopped. The last few ice warriors and nachos surrendered. But then, a naco pulled out his Luger pistol, and had it aimed at dryvit. No one else saw it except for tuxy, who shot the soldier with his lucky revolver.  The nacho fell to the ground. “Thank you, tuxy. said dryvit. Now I want you 14 soldiers over there to take these soldiers to the prison.” said dry. “Where’s batin ?” asked tylo. “Batin isn’t here” said tuxy. Everyone was silent, but then the ice warriors and nachos took off running. “Get them !” screamed cory. Soon after, the last nachos and ice warriors were caught and put in the ACP prison. “Well, that was some battle.” said tylo in the room that they shared. “Yeah” said bluey. “I almost got my head chopped off by some nacho. ” I can’t believe we lost batin, and right at the end too.” said Kt. Yanksrule came in the room. “I have news” said yanksrule. “Well it depends if I want to hear it or not.” replied Bluey. “Well it’s good news, Capn and Fox have recovered and are being released from the hospital today. “Alright !” said Kt. Why dont we go have a pizza, my treat. said yanksrule.

                                                   Chapter 8: Rescuing the Slaves

After the ACP finished their pizza, they got ready to rescue the slaves. All of the ACP got into their bomber planes. Abord tuxys plane was Sonic, Packer, capn, fox, dry, batin, cory, noka, kt, bfan, bluey, jediseth, tylo, yanksrule and klug. Flying the plane was a low ranked soldier at 1st Lieutenant was alfrondo, who tuxy had befriended in the battle of breeze. As they flew into White House, a plane was shot down. Then another one fell out of the sky. Tuxy heard and explosion nearby, and looked out his window to see the wing on fire. “We gotta jump out !” screamed fox. “I’m gonna be sick !” screamed bfan. Just then, tuxy heard what sounded like somone stragling. “Ewwwwwww ” yelled fox. “Puke in the plane !” laughed bluey. “Let’s go!!!” screamed dry. Everyone put on their parachutes and got ready to jump out. “I’m gonna stay on the plane !!” said fox “No way” screamed tuxy, who pushed her off the plane. Everyone jumped out when tuxy realized something. What about the pilot !!! Tuxy ran to the cockpit and found alfrondo unconchous. Tuxy took alfrondo and jumped out the plane with him. “AHHHHHHHHH ” screamed alfrondo. “It’s ok !” said tuxy. Tuxy opened the parachute, and soon landed with everyone else. “Ahhhhh !” fox screamed, punching tuxy right in the face. “Ow !!!” You little brat !!” screamed tuxy. “Enough !!!” screamed dry. “Now let’s go !” said dry. I’m still sick !! screamed bfan. “Ewwww more puke !” said sonic. As they approached the mines, two guards started to fire at them. “I’m hit !! I’m hit !!” screamed bluey. “My arm !!!” screamed a soldier from a different squad. “Ahhhhh somone help me !!!!!” Eventually, all of the guards were shot. And they moved in. ” Meat, enn, div !!! We’re coming !!!” said dry. Meat had stole a revolver from a nacho, and he started firing it. All of the slaves were free, and they had most of the guards dead. But the cheif guard picked up tuxy and threw him. “Everyone stay outta this !” screamed tuxy “I can take him !” Tuxy punched the guard, but the guard didn’t budge. The guard blasted tuxy in the face, and knocked him to the ground. He picked him up and threw him into a mine cart. Tuxys weapons were on the ground, so even if he wanted to use them he would have to wait. Tuxy kicked the guard in the face several times, but he still didn’t budge. Tuxy got out of the cart and threw a chisel at the guard. The guard bent down in pain, but he still got back up. Then tuxy defined all the rules of sportsmanship, and kicked the guard below the belt. The guard didn’t budge. “I should’ve kicked a bulldozer !!” screamed tuxy. The guard tried to whack tuxy with an uppercut, but tuxy dodged it. Tuxy grabbed the guards arm and twisted it. He heard a crack, but if he did break the guards arm, the guard didn’t show it. Tuxy kicked that same arm, causing the guard to fall. The guard got tired of playing games and pulled out his revolver and aimed it at tuxy. Tuxy was within 3 yards awayso the guard couldn’t miss him. But tuxy forgot about the soldiers behind the guard. He heard a shot go off and he gasped, but after 10 seconds he looked up. Tuxy saw the guard fall to his knees, and then fall to the ground. Standing behind him was sonic, with his pistol aimed at the guard. ” You didn’t think I’d let you die if I could do something about it would you ?” asked sonic. Tuxy started to laugh, and soon everyone else did. All the slaves were rescued, and they needed to get to rainbow before more soldiers came. Meat and others had stole a lot of magneism, and gave it to the soldiers to put in the new uniforms. “Welcome back guys !” said dry in the bomber. “It’s good to be back.” said div. As the flight returned to rainbow, they went back to their cabins and got ready to go to sleep. “Ahhh how I miss the cabin.” said Enn “Well, goodnight.” said div, yawning. Everyone else went to sleep. Tuxy woke up at 4:00 am, where he saw a shadow of a nacho in the hallway. He followed the shadow into a staircase. When he got ot the top, there was a nacho soldier firing out of the window, but there was no one to fire at. Just then, the nacho fell down, and said ”Don’t forget me !!!” But the worst part was, he could see right through the nacho ! ”AHHHHHHHHHHH” screamed tuxy. As he ran back into his cabin, he never stopped screaming. ” What are you doing ?!?!” yelled meat. “I saw a ghost !!” said tuxy. It looked like a nacho ! “Did you see a fairy, too ?” said bluey sarcasticially. “Shut up, bluey.” said Kt. ” Go back to bed tuxy.” said meat. “It was probably just an illusion.” said  Bluey. Tuxy went back to bed, but he knew it wasn’t an illusion.

                                                             Chapter 9: Taking Back the Glory

Tuxy woke up to a siren. “What’s happeneing ?” asked bluey. “I don’t know but you better get your stuff and go to the auditorium !!” screamed meat over the siren. Everyone got all of their gear and weapons and put it on and head out to the auditorium.  “Everyone !” screamed dry “We are taking Breeze back now ! Who’s with me ?!?! A roar of “Me!!”’s rang out throught the crowd. “Now everyone, please take a seat.” said dryvit. Everyone sat down. Tuxy sat down next to Cory and Jediseth. “Everyone, we are going to fly to breeze and take back what is ours !! We will all come on the coastline early in the morning. The nachos have 4 bases. One on top of the mountain, one in the cove, one in the beacon, and The headquarters is at the tallest mountain. Our planes cannot fly that high though, so we have to use a hot air balloon. “This will be good” whispered cory, laughing. “Now, on each base they have anti aircraft guns set up, and the have a spotlights set up. If we destroy them all, we can surround the island and take back what is ours ! Now everyone, lets get into those planes and fight a war ! Everyone got into their bomber planes and started to fly. Inside of tuxy’s plane was Cory, dryvit, foxtails, packer, meat, jediseth, div, enn, klug, bluey, kt, and lasage. As soon as the planes flew over breeze, there was chaos. The bombs were dropped, and the ice burg sank. “Ok everyone jump out !” commanded dryvit.  They all landed deep inside the forest. “Ok, klug, lasage, packer, div, and enn will go to the base at the cove with a squad of soldiers and blow up the base at the cove, while the rest of us will head for the beacon. “Sounds good” said lasage. While squad 2 was heading to destory the base at the cove, tuxy and his squad ran through the forest and into the plaza. The plaza was a warzone, and everyone was forced to take cover. “This isn’t very good !” screamed cory. “Aaaaaahhhh !” screamed a soldier who fell down. The base was inside the pizza parlour, and there were snipers on the roof. “Squad 1 fall back to the forest !!!” demanded dry. As they went back to the forest, they all took a deep breath. “We have to get on our boats and sneak behind the ligthouse.” said dry. Everyone marched to where the boats were set up in the coastline of the forest and got in them. “Ok lets go !” As they came around close to the beach, they came across an object moving faster away from the island. They came close to it and saw it was a soldier. An ACP soldier. “What are you doing ?!?!” yelled fox. “I can’t take the pressure ! I just can’t take it !” said the soldier. No one recignized who it was until he said goodbye. It was their pilot to rescue the slaves, Alfrondo. Then alfrondo sunk under. Tuxy dived in the water for him, and pulled him up on the boat. “Come on buddy, breath.” Tuxy said. “You can make it, come on just breath.” tuxy said sadly. Alfrondo didn’t move. “No…” said tuxy. “It’s ok tuxy, come on.” said dryvit slowly. Tuxy let alfrondo go, and he watched his friend sink to the bottom of the ocean. The boats started up again and the got to the beach. The snipers didn’t see them, and they snuck up the beach and fired at them, while taking cover behind some rocks. “Everyone fire!” shouted dry. Tuxy shot an Ice Warrior, who fell from the beacon on to the beach. “Ha ha ha ! Look what tuxy did !” laughed meat. Just then sonic came behind them. “Can I join this squad?” asked sonic. “Sure, as long as you get down now !” screamed dry. Sonic had the latest gun in sniper technology. He sniped 3 soldiers with ease. “This is easy !” said sonic, sniping another soldier. Just then, they all heard somone behind them. They turned around to see that 20 soldiers were standing behind them. The bad part was, the soldiers were nachos and ice warriors. ”Don’t move or you’re dead !” screamed an ice warrior. “Drop the guns !” screamed a nacho. Everyone dropped their guns and had their hands up. The soldiers agreed on killing them right then and there, but right before they pulled their triggers, an explosion went off. Everyone turned around to see what happened. All tuxy could see was that the light house had colapsed, and dust everywhere. When the dust cleared, every single persons mouth dropped. Behind the light house, floating in the water, was Rockhopper’s ship. All of the ice warriors and nachos dropped their guns, allowing the ACP to pick up their guns and shoot them. “Rockhopper !!!” screamed fox. “Ahoy their me maties !!” screamed rockhopper. “Rockhopper why are you here ?” questioned dryvit. “Arrr harr harr harr harr !!! I heard about the war and came to help out !!!” said rockhopper. All sonic couldmanage to say was “Wow” As rockhopper and the ACP got on the ship, they headed for the next base, the ski hill.

                                                   Chapter 9, part 2: The  Battle of the Cove

While squad 2 was at the cove, the other soldiers were fighting snipers at the town, and the plaza, and at the snow forts. Klug, lasage, packer, div, and enn were all leading a small squad of 10 soldiers to blow up the base on the cove. “Packer !!!” screamed div. “Go over there by the lifeguard chair !!” “Ok !!!” responded packer. Packer took cover behind rocks by the lifeguard chair, as a sniper. Packer took out a good portion of 9 soldiers, but that wasn’t enough. “We are taking heavy fire from the base at the cove !!!  We need backup !!” shouted Ennbay into his walkie talkie. A squad of soldiers came down into the cove, and took their positions. “Alright let’s go !!” shouted the commander of the squad. The commander of that squad was Tylo. As the last of the soldiers were picked off, all of the ACP marched down to the anti-aircraft guns and spotlights. Tylo placed the C-4 explosives on them, and blew them up. “Woo hoo !!! We did it !!!” screamed div.

                               Chapter 9 part 3: The Battle of the Ski Hill/ Tallest mountain

As rockhopper’s ship came up behind the ski hill, a nacho ship came up. They fired their cannons at rockhopper’s ship. Let’s go let’s go let’s go!! cammanded dry. All the ACP got on their motor boats and sped for the island and let rockhopper take care of the nachos. As they approached the base, they were fired at. Take cover !!!! screamed cory. As cory said this, he ran away into the dock. There an ice warrior saw him, but cory was dressed as a farmer. “What kind of farmer are you ? This area is only for farmers, show an ID.” said the IW soldier. “So what kind of farmer are you ?” he said. “Ummmmm….. Uhhhhhh…..” I’m a led farmer ! screamed cory, who pulled out two 44 magnums and fired them at the soldier. Cory then made it back to the ski village. Tuxy was assigned to a sniper, and he had just sniped the last soldier. As they all marched up the hill, cory and tuxy placed the C-4 explosives on the gear. They all ran down the hill and ran to the forest, wher the hot air balloon was at. All of the ACP had to fit in one balloon, and it was cramped. “Hey ! We forgot someone !” screamed foxtails. “Who ?” asked dry. “Rockhopper !!” screamed sonic. “Well we will find him again when we win this battle. said dry. As the balloon come ovver the mountain, they were fired at. Soon a bullet tore through thr air bag, and they crashed into the nacho who shot the balloon. “Well that was convientient.” said Jediseth. They all ran into the base, and then choas happened. All of the nachos started to fire at them.  We need to find the weapon room and ignite the explosioves ! shouted dry. You, cory, jediseth, and Kt will all go and blow this place. We will cover you ! cammanded dryvit. As the group ran though the halls, a nacho with a mechedie ran down the hall screaming. Before he came within 10 yrds. of them, cory shot him. “Come on keep moving guys !” said kt. They all kept running until they found an explosive divise, and they ignited it and set it to blow in 10 minutes. They ran back into the main room of the base, and shouted the news to dry. He ordered all soldiers to fall back. But some soldiers were to stubborn and kept fighting. One of them was fox. “I will never fall back !” shouted fox. Tuxy ran in after her, with only 7 seconds on the clock. Tuxy tackled her off the side of the mountain right  before the base exploded to smitherines. “We did it !” said jedi. They all walked on the roof of the dojo, where Iceyfeet was wating for them. Well, well well. If it isn’t the ACP gang. said icey. “I outta kill you right now” said fox, reaching for her holster. “No, fox.” said dry. “Surrender, you have lost.” ordered dry “I didn’t lose anything yet, said icey. “What do you mean ?” asked sonic. “I mean, it’s not over yet.” said icey. Just then Ice warriors came and surronded the ACP. “Aw come on !” said cory. They all dropped their weapons, except for tuxy. When the soldiers came to take his weapons, he sat on his pistol so the soldiers couldn’t see it. “Now, let’s do this.” said icey. He aimed his gun at dryvit, abd before he pulled the trigger, tuxy tackled him. Icey made him sit over the edge of the dojo, where the ninja hideout was below him.  He stood up, and faced icey, who was about 13 yrds. away from him. Icey turned to tuxy and said “I don’t need you to be around.” Just then he turned around, and shot tuxy in the chest with a barretta that hehad picked up. Tuxy fell backwards, falling into the ninja hideout. “Tuxy nooooooo!!!” screamed capn. Cory tackled icey to the ground, and it took 7 ice warriors to hold him back. “YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS !!!” screamed cory. Icey got up and aimed the pistol at cory. “You go first.” said icey. They all heard a shot go off, and cory gasped because he knew he couldn’t miss from that close range. But when he looked up, icey was still aiming at him, but then icey fell to his knees, and fell face first on the ground. “What just happened?” asked bluey. “Look !” said fox. Standing on the edge of the dojo roof was Tuxy. All of the ice warriors ran away in fear. Everyone got up and rushed over to tuxy. “I thought we lost you !” said capn. “I thought I lost you all.” said tuxy in response. Sonic was trying to figure out how he could have survived. “How did you live ?” asked sonic. “Bullet-proof vest. I was the only one to take one from inside the tank.” said tuxy. All of the ACP got into the hot air balloon,  and this time it was a little more comfy because there was more room. They all floated back to the base, and drove the nachos out of the server and took it back. But the nachos had not surrendered. The IW had to rebuild, so they surrendered.

                                                        Chapter 10: The Ceremony

At the ceremony on breeze, all of the honorary soldiers were given their medals. Cory was given the medal of freedom, capn was also given this. Foxtails was promoted to 3rd in command, and Tuxy was given the medal of honor for his bravery and saving the ACP on the dojo rooftop. “I would like to thank all of you, the ACP soldiers for your bravery.” said dryvit in the auditorium. “I would also like to thank the FW for helping us win this war.” After the speech was over, everyone stood up and clapped. “But, we are still in this war with the nachos, and I expect you to fight again” Everyone attended a party, and then Our heros went home.

                                                   THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by:Tuxy9349andcorymigs2


and said not to shoot him so I don’t but I was going to because he was going to shoot one of my best friends and my teacher in war so u would be mad to. Then I went to the mammoth and went looking for some ninjas when I was there they said they had no part with acp or nachos. so then I want back to breeze and said to tuxy lets go kick some nacho @$$ and so we did I also got sonic the one to come so then dryvit heard and said we r going to have a war just then the ninja leader of mammoth said he with the nachos so we flipped


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